Solution AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Attendance Solution for Government Organizations Overview AEBASis an attendance management system designed for government organizations by Government of India to improve theproductivity of employees. adidas pas cher The system authenticates attendance using AADHAAR number created by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). With the wave of mandate in attendance marking through AADHAAR authentication among Government organizations, the most common issue of re-typing AADHAAR number on the device while marking attendance has come up. This process leads to errors and delays in attendance marking. To combat this issue, Matrix has introduced a more reliable way of marking attendance using a smart card. Matrix offers the first embedded Linux based AADHAAR enabled biometric attendance device registered on AEBAS Server – COSEC VEGA FAXQ.The user has to show his/her smart card having AADHAAR number stored in it, instead of typing the same on the device, followed by showing the fingerprint. It authenticates the user in less than 1.5 sec. This avoids theprobability of error occurrences, and lead to convenient and quick attendance marking on daily basis.Provision for typing AADHAAR number on device followed by showing fingerprint is also available in the system as an alternative. The device is meant for attendance application only unlike other Android based devices with multiple connectivity options. Hence, this innovative solution by Matrix ensures not only speed but also focuses onincreased security and reliability. *AEBAS- AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Attendance System Benefits

  • Reliability Designed for Attendance Management on a Linux Platform for Long Term Consistent Performance
  • Convenience Reads AADHAAR Number from the Smart Card Directly and Eliminates Manual Entry
  • Speed Identification within 1.5 Second
  • Connectivity LAN with Poe, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Options to Connect with the AEBAS Server

Target User Profile

  • Ministries, Departments, Attached/Subordinate Organizations of Central Government
  • Autonomous Central Government Bodies, Institutionsand Offices
  • States, Districts and other Government/Semi Government Bodies like Municipalities, etc.
  • Central Public Sector Units

Device Required: COSEC VEGA FAXQ STQC Approved Fingerprint and Smart Card based Time-Attendance Terminal with Touch Screen, PoE, Wi-Fi and IP65 Ratings COSEC VEGA CPM MIFARE Mifare Smart Card Personality Module for COSEC VEGA FAXQ MIFARE SMART CARD 13.56 MHz Contactless RFID Smart Card About Matrix Matrix, an OEM having own R&D center certified by DSIR (Department of Science and Industrial Research), Ministry of Science and Technology and its own state of the art manufacturing facility at Vadodara, Gujarat has indigenous products qualifying under the Preferential Market Access (PMA) policy of Government of India. Established in 1991, Matrix has an extensive network of more than 1,000 trained channel partners spread across PAN India. This ensures Matrix to supply, install and deliver support for its AADHAAR enabled biometric solution in almost each part of the nation. adidas zx 750 Having global footprints in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa, Matrix ensures that the products serve the needs of its customers faster and longer. Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of customers representing the entire spectrum of industries. Matrix has won many international awards for its innovative products.