Group President and Chief Strategy Officer, Tinku Singh, successfully completes 10 years at SRS

August 3, 2017 | Faridabad

2017 has been a year of significance for SRS Parivar and the celebration just doubled as Tinku Singh, Group President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) successfully completes 10 years in succession. This comes as a great cheer for all stakeholders as Mr. Singh sets to continue his tenure for the upcoming years, ensuring the rise of SRS to greater heights.

Mr. Singh is an industry veteran with more than 3 decades of rich experience in diverse industries. He commenced his career with the Hospitality sector and dedicated14 years in the food and beverages vertical before moving on to the entertainment and retail industries 16 years back. With his sharp people management and strong analytical skills, Mr. Singh envisages contributing towards the creation of world class organizations that stand apart on account of their service edge.

He is a versatile individual and is currently mentoring the business growth and spearheading change management initiatives with SRS Group towards the realization of the organizational objectives. He has valuable experience in varied industry sections like Business Mentorship, Change Management, Cost Rationalization, Conflict Resolution, Operations Management and others.

On the joyous occasion he said “Time has certainly flown by as I complete my 10th year at SRS. This group holds a special place in my heart, with this association growing stronger on a daily scale. Being a part of SRS Parivar has helped me unearth greater potentiality of growth, both individually and on an organizational level. I am thankful for the faith the group has held on me and make a pact to take the brand value of the organization to greater heights”

About SRS:

The SRS Group is an NCR Delhi based business group with interest across industries spanning from entertainment to healthcare to real estate and more. Remarkably, it is as much about the pioneering human spirit as it is about business success – a young man who used to deliver milk to fund his college education rose to become the founder chairman of this multi-crore, multi-domain business house. While the SRS Group adopted its current form in the year 2000, its early foundations were laid in the year 1985. Today, it has risen to be a Rs 6000 crore plus enterprise with three of its flagship companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, with a combined market cap of approximately Rs 1500 crores.

The SRS Group epitomizes the new entrepreneurial spirit of India. This is evident in its growth trajectory, business models and its pro-activeness to embrace new ideas to fuel profitable growth. Its guiding light is the motto of ‘Enduring Quality & Trust’ which denotes the company’s belief in integrity, innovation and customer focus.