Alcis Sport’s latest products ‘Wonder Tee’ & ‘Wonder Polo’ helps you minimise Eco-Footprint  —  uses eight pet bottles worth of plastic to make a T-Shirt

New Delhi, 18 April, 2018: Ever wondered what happens to the pet bottle after you have sipped through your favourite cola or the water that you have just had and thrown the bottle away in a dustbin?

Now imagine the bottle coming back to you in a form that you can actually wear!

Alcis Sports, a cutting-edge Indian performance wear brand, has introduced ‘Wonder Tee’ and ‘Wonder Polo’ – T-Shirts which are made from recycled polyester, each using about eight plastic bottles. These T-Shirts are softer and lighter than normal ones and come with the latest innovations that garment manufacturing has to offer.

Generally, T-Shirts are made of Polyester – a man-made fibre, production of which involves huge quantities of water, chemicals and use of fossil fuels; moreover, the raw materials and by-products are toxic and it pollutes water and air, causing several health hazards.

On the other hand, Wonder Tee and Wonder Polo use R-PET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is a strong, durable and recyclable material used for soda bottles, water bottles, food jars etc, making it an environment-friendly, cost-effective and safe product that also performs better than 100% virgin polyester.

Consumers in India are increasingly getting environmentally conscious, which is getting reflected in their choices of what they are eating and wearing. A lot of them share a dislike for virgin polyester, which is an energy-hungry and non-sustainable synthetic fibre. Wonder Tee and Wonder Polo are unique products which are not only environment-friendly but at the same time are fashionable, trendy and affordable and will appeal to everyone,” said Roshan Baid, Managing Director of Alcis Sports.

Some facts about RPET:

  • 90% less water is used in making recycled polyester versus polyester
  • It requires 70% less energy than virgin fibre production
  • Recycling one plastic bottle saves the equivalent of 3 hours of energy from a 60 watt light bulb
  • 1 kg of RPET can keep 60 water bottles out of landfill
  • RPET fabric has a 50% lower carbon footprint than the organic cotton
  • Compared with other synthetic fibers, RPET polyester fabric has almost a 90% lower carbon footprint than nylon, and 75% lower than polyester!

The steps involved in the production process of WONDER TEE & WONDER POLO:

  • The collected PET bottles are sterilized, dried and crushed into small chips
  • The chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn
  • This yard is wound up in spools
  • The fiber is then passed through a crimping machine to create a fluffy wooly texture
  • This yarn is then baled, dyed and knitted into polyester fabric

Wonder Tee and Wonder Polo are ultra-light T-Shirts weighing just 85 – 90 grams. They come with Dynamic Drying finish — which doesn’t hold sweat and moisture for long, making them extremely comfortable products to wear and easy to maintain. The T-Shirts are extremely soft in feel and comes with Anti-Microbial and Anti-Static finishes, which keeps you feeling fresh always

The Wonder Tee and Wonder Polo collection is priced affordably between Rs. 399 and Rs. 699 and is available in multiple colours across leading online and offline retail formats.


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